Tuesday, September 6, 2011

» Jonathan Adler, Jeffrey Lewis and Andy Cohen Together? Blue Key Studio Blog

On a recent BravoTV web exclusive, Jeff Lewis and Jenny from “Flipping Out” go to NYC and critique the decor in Andy Cohen’s office. The network exec got a bit of a ribbing from the designer and his kooky assistant. While the office was truly a bit of a mess, the seating area was actually quite cute. You can watch the video below.

What’s interesting to note is that Andy has the Jonathan Adler blue Capri tall table Lamps flanking his sofa. They look great and are a great choice, but that office definitely needs a bit of a clean up and rearrange. For starters he needs a bigger desk! What would you do to improve Andy’s office?

The great thing about the capri lamp is not only it’s lovely, tall shape and pretty, glossy shade, but the wonderful color choices. It’s available in retro classic colors such as green, grey, white, orange and the blue that Andy Cohen has in his office. It’s over 33 inches tall, which is why it looks great on each side of Andy’s sofa. It really helps bring the eye up when it’s placed on an end table, desk or console.
You can see the lamps in the background. The one of the left is askew! For shame, Andy Cohen. For shame.
I have to admit, Jeff Lewis looks a little bit like a kid who got sent to the principal’s office in this one. But the capri lamp and bottle of champagne look great!
In all honesty, Andy Cohen’s office probably needs a makeover, but the lamps can stay.

Jonathan Adler Capri Tall Table Lamp

» Jonathan Adler, Jeffrey Lewis and Andy Cohen Together? Blue Key Studio Blog

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